Joycobi, a fashion brand for mother and baby, was co-founded by anEnglishman Jan and Mr. Kong, both fathers of two children.
Through observation,they found many daily essentials are not very convenient for babies to use, factory-oriented way of product design to consumer-oriented way of productwhich often resulted from bad design. In consequence, they altered the research and design with the notion of care, ease, and safety at its core. babies, which makes the products trendier.
Their products sold like hotcakes Joycobi aims at raising children with easiness, fashion, and safety, integrating simple and fashionable innovative elements into products for in several countries of Europe and gained recognition of professional experts. And they were recommended by the professional magazine Mother & Baby in the maternal and baby section of Britain.

Joycobi operation centers have been set up both in London and Shanghai, China. The Chinese name of Joycobi is “卓可贝” and its main products include baby feeding sets, booster seats, baby cribs and others. The brand Joycobi runs the meaning of the word “joy” which means the pleasure brought by newborns. Joycobi’s theme is raising children with fashion. It learns from the specialty of British top engineers and designers, couples simple design with comfortable functions, and spreads everywhere as a fashionable and quality brand.

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